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THE Marina alta

All-rounded Marina alta

Did you know that where we are located, "the Marina Alta", is well known for its healthy climate and its variety of unique villages? It's perfect to visit all year round thanks to the comfortable temperatures. In Fall and Winter, you can enjoy being active on one of the many cycling and hiking trails. During Spring, you may visit the wineries to taste some award winning wines. In Summer, our pool and local beaches are the perfect places to soak up the sun and enjoying your siestas.

Below we have listed our favorites for you. Enjoy!


Fancy pebble, sand or rock beach? All these beautiful remote beaches are between 15 and 30 minutes reach.

Be local

Explore the area, do some Mediterranean treasure hunting and enjoy the local food.

Be active

Energized and up to discover the beauty of the flora & fauna and your inner self?

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